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Labeling of beverage crates

Renew your beverage crate?

Innovative brand management is increasingly focusing on the advertising impact of beverage crates. Modern designed crates secure the customer’s attention at the point of sale. In addition they convince as a cost- and resource-saving alternative to new boxes because - after a layout change - the used crates can remain in circulation. The quality of print and application is equivalent to the “Inmould”-crate and it is a real alternative to silk screen printing – not only because of the optical effect but also regarding the costs. The labels we are using are scratch-resistant by coating the surface with a laminat, the colors durable brilliant based on high-quality printing inks, which are applied by letter press printing

Concerning this, two labeling systems are recommended:

Permanent Label: It should stay forever! This system is advised for a lasting transformation of the beverage box, for example for a renewed brand identity. The PE-Label remains on the crate during his “life-time” and can be disposed with the box afterwards. The manufacturer gives a 5 year guarantee on durability and color fastness of the label.

Liftlabel: In case the future use of the box is not planned or not sure yet, the liftlabel is recommended. It is just as durable and resilient as a permanent label, but with the option to remove it mechanically without residues by us. Therefore it is best suited for product innovations, seasonal items or for attaching an addendum to the existing decor. The manufacturer gives a 5 year guarantee on durability and color fastness of that label as well.

We label where you want!

With our portable labeling machines and skilled staff we can place work where it makes most sense - at your location, at our production sites or at any location that is convenient for you.

Our supervisor organizes the production – whether you provide the staff or we obtain staff on-site – by ensuring quality and throughput speed.

If necessary, we perform the labeling at our production sites. At your request, we organize the whole process – including staff, transportation and setting up new and used glass.

Our customers include leading German and international beverage manufacturer.